• Costa Rica

    Bordered on the east by the Caribbean Sea and on the west by the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica offers adventure, relaxation, romance and exploration.

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  • Greece

    Greece; A land of many facets and beatiful contradictions! Great weather, amazing landscapes, warm hospitality and a fascinating history and culture. It’s no surprise that Greece is one of the most popular destination for UK holiday makers!

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  • APT

    In this comprehensive training you will discover the wide range of gui... More Info

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  • Atlantic Canada Academy

    Together, the provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nov... More Info

    Rated 92 times
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  • Bahrain

    his exciting course features modules on Culture & Lifestyle, Islands &... More Info

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  • Barbados Tourism

    Within the following selection of modules you will discover Barbados a... More Info

    Rated 85 times
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  • Beauty has an address

    Take a trip to Oman and experience the timeless Arabian way of life. T... More Info

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  • Botswana Tourism

    Botswana is so much more than a safari destination. With pristine wild... More Info

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  • Cayman Islands

    Luxury combined with an abundance of activities, dining and experience... More Info

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  • Central America Travel Agency

    Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Pa... More Info

    Rated 29 times
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  • Chile

    Chile boasts of experiences for every amateur, connoisseur and more. I... More Info

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  • Copenhagen Academy

    You cannot sell something without knowing it. This course gives you an... More Info

    Rated 115 times
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  • Croatia Online Academy

    Croatia offers a perfect mix as a vibrant and young country with frien... More Info

    Rated 72 times
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  • Daytona Beach

    When you think of American originals there is one place that instantly... More Info

    Rated 52 times
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  • Diamond Holidays

    Welcome to your River Cruise Line & Rail training module part of the D... More Info

    Rated 16 times
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  • Dominica International Training Page

    You’re invited to discover Dominica, also known as the Nature Island o... More Info

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  • Enjoy Illinois

    Our training programme is packed with practical travel tips and itine... More Info

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  • Feel Slovenia

    Slovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, the Med... More Info

    Rated 78 times
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  • Germany

    This course will give you a great insight into Germany and all it has ... More Info

    Rated 121 times
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  • Go Korea Training 2016

    Cultural, Modern, Unique, Dynamic, Delicate, Stunning, Hospitable, Tec... More Info

    Rated 6 times
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  • Gran Canaria 2017

    Welcome to the Gran Canaria training course! Discover why Gran Canaria... More Info

    Rated 128 times
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  • Helsinki Academy

    Welcome to Helsinki Academy! Awarded with City of Design status by Une... More Info

    Rated 69 times
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  • Hungary

    Hungary, a place that provides visitors with many exciting experiences... More Info

    Rated 20 times
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  • Israel

    Welcome to our new training course! Our previous taught you about the... More Info

    Rated 8 times
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  • Italy

    Italy is divided into 20 regions which in turn are divided into small ... More Info

    Rated 57 times
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  • Journey Latin America

    Feel confident and knowledgeable talking to your clients about Latin A... More Info

    Rated 33 times
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  • Learn Malta

    There’s a lot more to Malta than just sun and sea. With 7,000 years of... More Info

    Rated 38 times
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  • Mauritius 2016

    Mauritius is so much more than just a beach destination. Discover this... More Info

    Rated 125 times
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  • Michigan

    Michigan is a state blessed with the riches of unspoiled nature. Succe... More Info

    Rated 28 times
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  • Okinawa, Japan

    OKINAWA is the country's subtropical paradise. It is a chain of island... More Info

    Rated 12 times
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  • Philippines

    Get ready to have a fun learning experience! The Philippines Training ... More Info

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  • Singapore 2016

    This training course is designed to help you become acquainted with al... More Info

    Rated 129 times
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  • South Tyrol - Summer 2017

    South Tyrol is bursting with contrasts. The Mediterranean landscape un... More Info

    Rated 39 times
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  • Sri Lanka Specialist Training by Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts

    On this cyber voyage of discovery you will learn about the most precio... More Info

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  • St. Helena Island

    Situated in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, St Helena may be o... More Info

    Rated 45 times
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  • Taiwan

    On behalf of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau we’re delighted to welcome you ... More Info

    Rated 32 times
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  • United Arab Emirates

    The United Arab Emirates is an Arabian Peninsula nation settled mainly... More Info

    Rated 58 times
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