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Shikoku is surrounded by the tranquil Seto Inland Sea and the dynamic Pacific Ocean and offers foreign visitors everything to enjoy the original culture of Japan: beautiful nature with its oceans, mountains and rivers; delicious food; and traditional culture and history. 

The wonderful tourist spots in Shikoku, like Dogo Onsen, the most popular hot spring in Japan, Ritsurin Park with its authentic Japanese garden, Iya Gorge with its pristine nature, and Hirome Market, the centre of local food culture, are places where visitors can enjoy the essence of Japan in a way they cannot in other parts of the country.  

Especially, we encourage you to join the Shikoku Pilgrimage. By walking around the 88 sacred sites scattered across Shikoku, it is said that one can get rid of one's worries and troubles, and it has been a path of faith not only for ascetic monks but for a wide range of people since 1200 years ago. 

Tourism Shikoku aims to communicate the allure of Shikoku and to show you the attractions of Shikoku that you cannot experience anywhere else! 

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