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APG Network

Airlines are constantly seeking out new revenue opportunities, lower cost distribution solutions and ways to improve yield. Through innovation and extensive experience in airline distribution, the APG Network has expanded over the last three decades to become a key “go to” global player with a reputation for delivering on these objectives. APG not only delivers substantial cost reductions with outsource solutions for passenger and cargo sales, marketing, fare filing, and customer support but also offers settlement plan services, interline, and code-share solutions to grow an airline's global reach. APG is proud to partner already with over 200 airline clients across all distribution models.

We also continue to innovate and have recently launched the APG Platform, our new generation distribution solution based on NDC compliant technology.

Our product portfolio of airline distribution solutions is supported by our global network spanning over 170 countries. Our mission has always been to provide truly global coverage and to be the best in every market through our experienced local management teams and their extensive relationships in each country.

Our Commercial Objectives are simple

Airline focused, on sales and distribution

Targeted at improving our clients’ global revenue

Operate on a variable cost, success basis.

Offer transparency and consistent international standards

Offer global strategies at a local level