Meet the Expert

APG's Commitment to Elevating Industry Expertise

I'm pleased to share with you why APG has chosen to support the Travel Skills Initiative, particularly the "Introduction to Selling Air Travel" course. At APG, we consider it vital to invest in the education and expertise of travel professionals, and here's why:
1. Elevating Industry Standards: As a leading global provider of services to the travel industry, APG is committed to raising industry standards. We believe that well-informed and highly skilled professionals are essential for achieving this goal. The "Introduction to Selling Air Travel" course aligns perfectly with our mission to promote excellence in the industry.
2. Knowledge Empowers: Education is the key to empowerment. By supporting initiatives like this course, we empower travel professionals to excel in their roles. The more knowledgeable and skilled our industry's workforce becomes, the better the experience for travellers, which is ultimately our shared goal.
3. Adaptation to Change: The travel industry is dynamic and constantly evolving. Staying ahead of these changes is essential. The "Introduction to Selling Air Travel" course equips professionals with the tools to adapt to industry shifts and provide the best possible service to clients.
4. Industry Growth: A well-educated workforce contributes to the growth and sustainability of the travel industry. By supporting education initiatives, we invest in the industry's future prosperity, ensuring it remains robust and vibrant.
5. Enhancing Customer Experience: Well-trained professionals enhance the customer experience. The "Introduction to Selling Air Travel" course equips travel agents with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional service, ultimately leading to satisfied and loyal customers.
6. Alignment with Our Values: Supporting education and expertise aligns with APG's core values. We believe in the importance of knowledge and continuous learning, and we are dedicated to promoting these values throughout the industry.


In conclusion, APG is proud to support the Travel Skills Initiative and the "Introduction to Selling Air Travel" course. We are committed to providing travel professionals with the resources they need to excel in their careers and deliver outstanding service to travellers worldwide.
Thank you for joining us in this endeavour, and we look forward to a future where expertise and education continue to drive our industry's success.
Warm regards,
Alan Daniels Director of Sales and Operations APG