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The Cook Islands lies halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, boasting an idyllic climate, endless adventure, romance and pure relaxation. And getting here is easy with flights on Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Air Tahiti as well as domestic flights between the islands with our national carrier Air Rarotonga.

It's the accessibility and ease of everything that makes Rarotonga so different from other South Pacific island destinations.
Just 32 km in circumference, you can drive around the island in 40 minutes. With a wide range of scenery, activities, accommodation, restaurants and cafes, no matter where you are or what you want to do, the whole island is your playground.

Only a 50-minute flight north of Rarotonga, it’s spectacularly beautiful, with a triangular-shaped reef surrounding a bright turquoise lagoon containing 15 small motus (islets). The crystal-clear water is home to an array of tropical fish and its pristine white-sand beaches are private and secluded. Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet, has said Aitutaki boasts, “the world’s most beautiful lagoon.”

For the truly adventurous in spirit, the undeveloped outer islands have a remote, unspoiled appeal for the explorer, author and artist in all of us. Seven sister islands are in the rest of the southern group and six more lie to the north. Some are accessible by local flights, all are accessible by boat occasionally. Off the beaten track, and spread over 700,000 square miles of the South Pacific Ocean, their uniqueness and timelessness are their own reward.


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