Most travel companies use a GDS (Global Distribution System) to book flights, hotels and car hire. Learning a GDS has many benefits, it could mean securing your ideal travel job!

Amadeus was formed in 1987 by an alliance between Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines System. Today, it is the leader in terms of number of bookings worldwide with around 35% of the global market. Amadeus specialises in Europe & Asia, and is less effective for the Americas.

Airlines using Amadeus include: British Airways, Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa, SAS
Other Companies: eBookers, Expedia, Opodo, Ian Allen, Eden Travel, Flightline

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  • Amadeus - Expert

    This comprehensive course provides you with training in the Amadeus GDS system.It is suitable for beginners as well as those with some prior knowledge.

    Price: A$588 Duration : 90 hrs
  • Price : A$431 Duration : 45 hrs

    Amadeus - Introduction

    Price: $431 / Duration: 45 hou... Overview

  • Price : A$315 Duration : 25 hrs

    Amadeus - Refresher

    Price: A$315 / Duration: 25 ho... Overview

  • Price : A$394 Duration : 30 hrs

    Amadeus - Airline Reservations

    Price: A$394 / Duration: 30 ho... Overview

  • Price : A$330 Duration : 20 hrs

    Amadeus - Hotel Reservations

    Price: A$330 / Duration: 20 ho... Overview

  • Price : A$330 Duration : 20 hrs

    Amadeus - Automated Fares & Ticketing

    Price: A$330 / Duration: 20 ho... Overview

  • Price : A$36 Duration : 5 hrs

    Amadeus - 5 Additional hours

    Price: A$36 / Duration: 5 hour... Overview

  • Price : A$72 Duration : 10 hrs

    Amadeus - 10 Additional hours

    Price: A$72 / Duration: 10 hou... Overview

  • Price : A$81 Duration : 1 Month

    Amadeus - 1 Month Extension

    Price: A$81 / Duration: 1 Mont... Overview

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