Inspire travel professionals to sell

Prizes, Incentives and Rewards make learning and selling fun

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Motivate and Inspire travel professionals to sell.

Motivate agents to become your travel experts. Certificates of completion are awarded to agents who successfully complete your course. Prizes and incentives such as places on FAM trips, flights, accommodation and booking rewards make learning fun and keep your high value agents up to date and engaged with your brand.

  • Prizes and Incentives motivate agents

    Agents love a prize - plaes on a FAM trip, free flights, branded items are all great ways to motivate busy travel professionals to spend time getting to know your brand.

  • Booking Rewards keep high value agents selling.

    Rewarding those agents who are regularly selling your brand is crucial.

    A simple 'Booking Rewards' scheme is available to agents who complete your course - ask your account manager for more details. 

  • Virtual Events keep things interesting

    We all like to meet face-to-face but if that isn't possible, a virtaul event is a great way to keep thinkgs interesting snd keep your audience engaged.