OTT Virtual Events, Webinars and Talks

Virtual events, webinars and talks hosted by OTT

OTT is excited to bring you a new way to experience destinations and travel products.

We hope you’ll enjoy taking a break in the day to meet the destinations and companies you sell and have a bit of fun along the way.

  • #CoffeeBreak Webinars

    '#CoffeeBreak' webinars help you to give your customers all the confidence they need to travel to destinations.

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  • Online Travel Talks

    Vodcasts with CEO Julia Feuell and OTT supplier partners.

    We discuss the latest travel trends and innovations.

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  • Quizzes

    Join an OTT Fun Quiz and test your knowledge about your favourite destinations or suppliers. You might even win an exciting prize if you do well! All you need to do is to complete the Quiz host’s course on OTT, then you’ll know all the answers! All quiz events are under 30mins.

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  • Events - Virtual and face-to-face

    OTT brings you our seasonal trade events. View our recent industry Pop awards featuring our most popular product training courses and our expert 'guru' agents.  And register to see other supplier events.

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