Spotlight on the POP Awards Webinar Winner

OTT is excited to announce this winner for the POP Awards Most Popular Webinar 2024.


  • Winner: Peru - Cultural Immersion and Sustainable Activities

    Peru has stunning natural beauty, outstanding adventurous hikes and treks, rich culture, welcoming communities and is a vacation experience like none other.

    This webinar was hosted on November 28th at 16:30 hrs CET / 15:30 hrs GMT. Travel professionals came and discovered the amazing experiences that Peru has to offer at PROMPERU’s webinar “Cultural Immersion & Sustainable Activities in Peru”.

    This webinar is the perfect opportunity for Travel Advisors to gain a deeper understanding of Peru’s unique experiences linked to sustainability and to become better equipped to sell this incredible destination. Don’t miss the chance to explore Peru and encourage your clients to discover its wonders for themselves.

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