Wellness Travel University Gold course

Price: £ 117.89
Duration: 30 hours



Gold Course: Lesson 1 
- Defining Wellness and Wellness Tourism
- What is Wellness?
- Components of Wellness
- A Brief History of Wellness
- What is Wellness Tourism? 

Gold Course: Lesson 2 
- Scope of the Market/Demand and Motivations for Wellness Travel
- Statistic & Demographics
- Common Markets/Who is the Primary Wellness Traveler?
- Trendspotting
- Wellness Traveler Intentions and Goals
- Examples of Wellness Experiences
- Sustainability & Wellness

Gold Course: Lesson 3 
- Meeting the Needs of the Wellness Traveller
- Matching the Wellness Traveler with the Right Wellness Travel Experience 
- Specialized Wellness Audiences and Generational Considerations
- Linking Motivation to the Travel Decision

Gold Course: Lesson 4 
- Wellness Culture and Etiquette Around the World
- Ayurveda
- Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Where to Find Wellness Experiences Around the World
- Cultural Wellness and Spa Rituals
- Spa Customs and Etiquette Around the Globe

Gold Course: Lesson 5 
- A Geographical Guide to Regional Wellness Specialties and Some Notes on Water
- Regional Specialties
- Types of Spas
- Healing Waters
- Healing Waters: Seaside
- Healing Waters: Balneotherapy
- Healing Waters: Thalassotherapy
- Healing Waters: Thermal Waters

Gold Course: Lesson 6 
- Wellness Vacations
- Common Objections and how to Overcome Them
- Probing Questions to Determine the Best Fit for your Client
- Wellness Vacation 1: Stress Reduction
- Wellness Vacation 2: Fitness
- Wellness Vacation 3: Mind/Body/Spirit/Balance
- Wellness Vacation 4: Outdoor Wellness Immersion
- Wellness Vacation 5: Relaxation & Recalibration
- Wellness Vacation 6: Transformative Inner Journey
- Wellness Vacation 7: Immersive Wellness
- Wellness Vacation 8: Rejuvenation
- Wellness Vacation 9: Curative Wellness
- Wellness Vacation 10: Thalassotherapy Detox & Balance
- Wellness Vacation 11: Cultural Immersion

Gold Course Addendum 1: Mental Well-Being & Stress Reduction 

This course focuses on treatments and modalities that are largely designed to tackle mental stress and anxiety. This course does not provide medical advice, instead, it provides the range of options you should be looking for as you guide your clients on the path to mental wellness.   

Gold Course Addendum 2: Wellness for Cancer 

Wellness for Cancer offers this condensed training for Wellness Travel University advisors to promote a better understanding of the unique needs of the growing population of cancer survivors, to enhance their confidence and to support them in booking wellness travel trips and experiences.  


  1. All certified travel advisors are highlighted under WTU’s ADVISORY PAGE with a photo and contact information, searchable by consumers all around the world.
  2. Unlimited free access to all Branded Specialty Courses following the completion of the Gold Course. 

Please allow up to 3-4 business days after purchasing your course to receive login details.