IATA BSP Essentials for Travel Agents

Price: £399
Duration: 14 hrs.

About the course

Improve your understanding of settlement services and financial transactions between travel agents and airlines. Learn how to reduce costly transaction errors and delays between agents and airlines, and how to reconcile your financial accounts.

What you will learn

- Understand basic BSP processes, common terms, abbreviations, reporting calendar and billing reports
- Use the BSPlink tool and various BSPlink functions to manage in-office BSP operations
- Perform all procedures related to document refunding and voiding
- Process credit card payments and prevent credit card fraud
- Investigate the status of BSP transactions and handle remittance procedures
- Manage agency credit and debit memos
- Minimize errors using best practices in agency reporting, remittance and BSPlin

This course is recommended for:

- Accountants
- Travel agents
- Finance staff members
- Back-office personnel

Key topics

Introduction to the BSP System and BSP Language
Introduction to BSP Link
BSP Agent Billing Reports and Procedures
BSP Standard Documents and Procedures
BSP Agent Remittance Procedures
BSP Agent Best Practices

Additional info

This course and subsequent exam can be done entirely on-line and will take approximately 12 to 14 hours. Students who successfully complete this examination with a grade of 80% or over are eligible to receive an IATA Certificate in "BSP Essentials for Travel Agents".