Family bookings  
WestJet is pleased to offer free seating for families travelling with children under 14  
All guests on a reservation with a child under the age of 14 in a paid seat are eligible to be seated together at the earliest opportunity for no fee when the guests self-identifies.  Best effort is made to accommodate the family seat request.  There are restrictions of course i.e. Preferred seats, cabin upgrades, etc. All guests on the same reservation with a child under the age of 14 (13 and younger) are seated together (if possible) and no seat fee is charged for standard seats.  Family members travelling on a different reservation would not qualify for free seating. 
Agents should call WestJet 0800 2797072 


Wheelchair users 
If the passenger is immobile and requires the aisle chair (onboard wheelchair) to get to their seat agents will need to let us know so that we can put the correct SSR code on the booking so that the airport and air crew are prepared. Guests will need to have their wheelchair tagged for the storage in the hold as we do not have appropriate storage in the cabin. 
Agents should call WestJet 0800 2797072 


Special Meals 
We are pleased to offer our guests special meal options on all Boeing 787 Dreamliner Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific flights, and all Business cabin flights. 

Special meal requests cannot be fulfilled if you upgrade to the Premium or Business cabin after checking in for your flight. Special meals are not available on Boeing 737 flights. 

If you require one of the 8 special meals available, please contact our call centre with your booking reference up to 24 hours before departure to have this added to your reservation. If your original flight is cancelled or rescheduled, you will need to rebook your special meal. 

We are unable to customise onboard meals, and special meals cannot be combined. If you have specific requirements that are not met by the meal options below, we encourage you to bring your own meals and snacks. 
Agents should call WestJet 0800 2797072 


Dry cell batteries are allowed in checked baggage but with restrictions and approval at check in. We cannot approve in advance as these need to be visually inspected at the airport. Final decision lies with airport staff. 


Seat Selection 
Seat selection can only be done after tickets have been issued. Guests in Premium and Business can select seats free of charge. Extra leg room seats in Economy can be purchased as soon as tickets are issued. Seats selection is free when check in opens 24 hours before departure. 

Seat fees are non-refundable within 24 hours of scheduled departure, with the exception of full itinerary cancellations made more than two hours before the originally scheduled time of departure. 


Bereavement Fare 
Guests can request a bereavement fare by completing this form. 
Agents should call WestJet 0800 2797072 


Refunds or exceptional circumstances 
You may request a refund of your air-only itinerary if you experience one of the following: 

Death of the guest booked to travel with WestJet. 

Death of an immediate family member or travel companion. 

Jury duty summons affecting the dates of travel. 
Agents should call WestJet 0800 2797072 


Ski and sporting equipment  
WestJet offers free ski carriage including skis, poles, boots and helmet or Snowboard, boots and helmet when you make a booking with the following trade suppliers: 
Ski Independence 
Canadian Affair 
Tui Crystal Ski  
All other sporting equipment please refer to these guidelines.

Other objects such as Infant strollers and equipment to cremated remains are allowed but please follow these guidelines. 


Medicines and medical equipment 

  •  If your client uses medical equipment or medication during or after their flight, you'll find all you need to know right here. We strongly recommend that you review the following well in advance of when they intend to travel, and check back before their day of travel, as this information is updated regularly.  


  • Agents should call WestJet 0800 2797072 



Minimum connecting time in YYC 

  • If your client’s booking is subject to an involuntary schedule change and the new connection does not suit your company policy, or your client’s preferred connecting time; you need to accept the schedule change in the GDS.  Then you can call WestJet to change to a later flight if available. Do not do this without speaking to WestJet as you will incur an ADM 

  • Agents should call WestJet 0800 2797072 


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