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The island boasts an incredibly diverse and preserved geographical setup, so that nature seems to be everywhere,  just as you leave  the major towns centers  (Ajaccio and surroundings ab. 60 000 inhabitants; Bastia and surroundings ab. 50 000 inhabitants).  No dangerous / poisonous animal is pointed as a major public hazard; families will also love the laid back, friendly atmosphere in villages or bigger towns, where everyone seems to know each other. The diversity of sceneries, of sea or land based activity possibilities from lively cities of the coast to hilltop villages inland make Corsica a perfect destination for families. Preserved coastlines and innumerable small sandy coves make it also the perfect spot for a sand castle contest with the kids!!



Want to share the experience of a multi-interest destination? From groups of friends in search of thrilling activities to active couples willing to recharge batteries, enjoy all the diversity of the island: coastal old Genoese towns, gourmet itineraries, relevant cultural legacy and living culture, outdoor pursuits in world-class natural sceneries, a patchwork of contrasted landscapes to be discovered just around every corner of the island….. So, there is always a good reason to hit the road and get dazzled….Being not only an island but as well a mountain (120 peaks over 2 000m!), many are the ways to combine both the discovery of the spectacular wild coastline and mountainous green heart exploration; in Corsica one can experience any outdoor activity all year round! (Except for snow-based activities of course: winter only!) Outdoor sports and lifestyle enthusiasts will definitely find their paradise as this untouched Mediterranean jewel meets all of mountain / road bikers, trekkers, divers, sailers’….. highest expectations under year-round mild climate, with year-round instant accessibility.


Phoenicians, Etruscans, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Moors, then 2 Italian Republics ruled in the island until she became French in the late XVIIIth Century. No need to underline that the island is rich with millenniums of history and cultural blends….. From Prehistoric anthropomorphic standing stones, the coastal fortified Genoese towns of Bonifacio, Calvi, Ajaccio, Bastia…., ancient Greek and Roman settlements in Aleria, the Napoleonic Heritage in Ajaccio, or Corte’s and Bastia’s ethnographic museums bear witness of the local heritage & legacy; Being in the southernmost French region, you will perfectly feel that Mediterranean laid back, warm & friendly, lifestyle and a food culture as diverse as the land is! Being an island, Corsica has a culture all its own and a wealth of age-old traditions, from arts and crafts to singing, and many other local quality products, such as health and beauty products or locally produced apparel, jewelry and accessories.

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