100% Green by 2050

United Airlines has pledged to become 100% green by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) 100% by 2050, without the use of voluntary carbon offsets – the first, and to date, only airline to do so. 

What does this look like without carbon offsets? It means investing in technology such as electric flying, carbon sequestration which means sucking the carbon dioxide out from the atmosphere and pumping it into the ground where it can be stored for millions of years and investing in the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), made from waste, such as your everyday rubbish. 

United also has a mid-term goal of 50% reduction in carbon intensity from 2019 to 2035, which aligns with the Paris Agreement and will be registered with the Science-Based Targets initiative. 

On every flight, United is committed to recycling onboard service items and redistributing unused amenity kit items through Clean the World, an organisation that works to prevent millions of hygiene-related deaths every year.