Whether your clients are design-fanatics, fashionistas, cultural addicts or foodies, Copenhagen's got it and best of all, within walking distance. Here is a list of our selected top 10 selling points for Copenhagen.

1. Sustainability - A green city built for people

Clean harbours, organic restaurants, bikes and bike lanes, parks and green oasis - all the reasons why Copenhagen is a sustainable destination.

2. Gastronomy - Capital of New Nordic Cuisine

By putting purity, freshness and simplicity at the core of its characteristics, the New Nordic cuisine has become a movement that stretches beyond the Scandinavian borders. From where it all started in 2004, Copenhagen today is the home of New Nordic cuisine and 16 Michelin starred restaurants.

3. Royal and Historic - Closer to the fairytale

Denmark has one of the oldest royal families in the world, and a vast heritage of castles, gardens and museums. Many of which are open and free for the public to experience close up.

4. Design & Architecture – Minimalistic and functional

From the Egg chair to the Royal Danish Opera House - Copenhagen offers both classical design icons and modern architectural wonders.

5. Liveability - Diversity and Tolerance

The love of freedom and the freedom to love. Copenhagen is a city for the people and is a longtime frontrunner for the LGBT environment movement, being the first country to recognise registered partnerships for same-sex couples in 1989.

6. Happiness – The happiest capital in the world

The welcoming Danes have many times been voted the happiest people in the world. A term to capture part of the Danish mentality is "Hygge" - best translated into cosiness, but you don't know what "Hygge" is until you've experienced it yourself.

7. Bikes - The means of Copenhagen transport

Daily, 45% of the inhabitants of Copenhagen ride a bicycle to work or school on a total of 454 km designated bike lanes. You can experience the city on one of the rentable bikes, from a rickshaw taxi, or on a guided bike tour.

8. Water – Idyllic canals and clean harbour baths

As one of the only places to have that kind of facility in Europe, Copenhagen offers a swimmable harbour. Take a dip in the clean water or enjoy a canal tour and experience the city from the waterside.

9. Shopping - Tradition, Danish Design and Fashion

Take a stroll down Europe's longest pedestrian street, Strøget and enjoy the many shops and malls. Intrigue yourself at the many designer shops or local craftsmen shops.

10. Accessibility – Effective infrastructure

Copenhagen has one of Europe’s most efficient infrastructures where everything is within a short distance, hence the heavy use of bicycles. The city offers a variety of public transportations, through either bus, train, metro and rentable city bikes.