THIS IS COPENHAGEN - The capital of Denmark! 


Copenhagen is unique. It is both cool, classic, and full of contrast with a beautiful blend of new and modern architecture as well as relics of the Middle Ages. It is a city known for sustainability, new Nordic food, design, its royal history, its happy citizens, and much more.


Start the course by clicking on the first lesson “Introduction to Copenhagen”. Through the five lessons, we aim to inspire and enlighten you in terms of what the wonderful city of Copenhagen has to offer. You’ll get to know about various attractions, the different neighbourhoods, places to eat and see as well as get practical information on the capital.


After having completed these five lessons, you will have learned lots about the distinct character of Copenhagen and its many neighbourhoods. The capital, which can feel both big, busy, and vibrant as well as small, local, and welcoming.


We hope you will have fun getting to know our capital – enjoy!


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