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USAID's Developing Sustainable Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Turizam) is a project funded by USAID that will run to 2025 to support Bosnia and Herzegovina transform its tourism industry. It is designed to fuel broad-based tourism-driven economic growth and promote social harmony by capitalizing on its rich cultural heritage and distinctive nature. USAID Turizam work supports Bosnia and Herzegovina with better positioning itself in the international marketplace by communicating with consumers through direct campaigns and with the international trade, to establish business-to-business relations and to create lasting partnerships with local firms. The main objectives of the USAID Turizam project are:
1. Enabling environment with harmonized policies necessary for noticeable tourism growth established and protected land area increased to promote sustainability
2. Tourism quality, services, human capital, branding, and marketing effectiveness enhanced
3. Tourism service providers, agriculture, and other tourism-related SMEs gain improved access to finance, resulting in a substantial increase in investment
4. Tourism and local agriculture products gain increased access to regional and global markets

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