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31/03/2022 By : Nida Kapadia

Our gurus' guide to getting the best from OTT


How do you make OTT work best for you? What are our most learned travel professionals top tips for planning and making the most out of your product knowledge? In the run up to the next OTT POP Awards on April 7, we caught up with some of our guru class of 2021. Read on below for their top five reasons, suggestions and tips on how they make OTT’s online learning work for them…

1) Answering customer questions - OTT’s Legend of Legends,  Zeb Akhtar, Kenward Travel…

“During the pandemic, people asked the most random questions on Covid policies. It just helps knowing what’s going on. After the first lockdown last year, when people were a bit cautious about travelling, they had questions about what such and such airline was doing and their current Covid policy.”

“There's a need for courses to be updated, on a really regular basis, to help you answer those questions. It’s not just about taking the course, I also revisit them once I’ve taken them, using them as a reference. You don’t have to do the course again or take the test, you can just use them to look up details if something wants to know something about particular.”

2) Keeping the mind active - OTT Tour Operator Guru, Tony Byrne of Typically Holidays…

“I've been on the road for 35 years, so my life was always run by a diary. Because I was furloughed, I created my own diary of the things I had to do on a weekly basis, so you would see OTT training session, Train2Travel course, access or yoga class.”

“I see the emails that come through with a new course coming up and I think, is it relevant to me? Do I need it? Last week there was an Estonia course, so I did it. We’re an Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) member and they have courses as well. Two, if not three times a week I've been doing some sort of training, which has been great motivation-wise. I might be one of the oldest in the industry doing it but I’m probably getting more pleasure out of it than perhaps some of the youngsters!”

3) Uncovering “hidden gems” - Cruise Consultant Guru and OTT Legend, Mary Isaac of Cruise 1st

“The best advice I can give is to expose yourself to as many courses as possible, feed your brain with as much knowledge as possible. And be sure to tell your customers - this will help you to excel in your job and make it all worthwhile.”

“[OTT] helps in many ways, including uncovering the hidden gems that are detailed within the courses. Our customers value information that they wouldn't be able to get anywhere else.”

“I take OTT courses in my free time rather than during my shifts. It’s almost like a hobby for me (sad but it’s true)! I’m obsessed with all things travel related!”

4) Fit in your learning any time, any place and on any device - Leisure Travel Guru and OTT Legend, Kerry Elgey of Tailorwade...

“It’s great that you get regular emails informing you that new courses have been added as it keeps you focused. The courses work well on on all devices formats so I have even found myself doing them on a train, long haul flight to South Africa and a beach in Mexico!”

5) Making the most of on-hold time - Business Travel Guru and Legend Jonathan Taylor from Selective Travel...

“I just use a few minutes during my shift.For example, if I’m on hold on a phone call, waiting for a supplier. Often, I’ll have difficulty getting hold of a supplier or be on hold for long periods of time. I generally just find the time to fit it in!”

Who will be our Guru class of 2022? Register now for the OTT POP Awards 2022 on April 7, 2022

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