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30/05/2023 By : Tayla-Jane Nelson

New VisitorsCoverage Survey Reveals 81% of Travelers Are Embarking on "Carpe-Cations" for Summer 2023.

The survey finds that 81% of respondents are going on “carpe-cations” this summer. The new phrase has been coined due to an influx of travelers going into the season with a “seize the day” attitude. With the excitement of travel going around, VisitorsCoverage also found that 78% of travelers are more inclined to buy travel insurance compared to last year. The survey results included the opinions of a random sample of over 1,000 frequent travelers across the U.S.

Highlights include:

  • 88% of travelers are more inclined to travel this summer when compared to the summer of 2022
  • 84% of survey participants shared they will use AI (artificial intelligence) in the future to plan their ideal trip
  • 78% of travelers are more inclined to buy travel insurance compared to last year
  • 60% of travelers found travel inspiration on Instagram while 58% used Facebook and 52% utilized TikTok
  • 52% of respondents will be traveling within the US while 38% will visit Europe


How Travel Will Be Impacted by Artificial Intelligence

With the influx of AI (artificial intelligence) systems changing the way society functions, many are opting to use this technology to alleviate the stress of travel planning. 84% of survey respondents shared they will use AI in the future to plan the perfect vacation. In order to benefit consumers, VisitorsCoverage launched the first-ever travel insurance AI chatbot, Luna, in 2020.


What’s Inspiring People to Travel

With 37% of travelers having three or more trips planned and 76% saying the economy will not affect their vacation fun, travelers are not letting anything hold them back this summer. Survey respondents found inspiration for their “carpe-cations” in various ways. With social media taking the lead and television series at 33%, with Game of Thrones, The Bachelor and Netflix’s World’s Most Extraordinary Homes as the frontrunners. 


Polling shows that Hip-Hop/Rap (31%) is the leading music genre which reminds people of summer followed by Pop (24%), Country (18%), Classic Rock (15%), and R&B (12%). Those who spend their vacation on the beach will have an ice cold alcoholic beverage (31%) in their beach cooler while other beachgoers will also pack water (24%), soda (20%), and ice cream (19%).


The Economy and Travel Plans

When asked what the average cost of a vacation is, 21% of survey respondents said they typically spend between $3,000-$7,000. Others shared their vacation budgets are $7,000-$10,000 (21%), $10,000-$15,000 (20%), $1,000-$3,000 (18%), over $15,000 (12%), and less than $1,000 (8%).


While many are not letting the economy determine whether they go on vacation or not, the leading reason participants are more likely to buy travel insurance is because of inflation/economy (36%). Survey results show 31% of participants' travel plans were affected “some” due to the economy while 29% said their plans had changed “very little”, 24% shared it “changed their plans entirely” and 15% responded “not at all.”


The survey results revealed an increased public awareness of these benefits as 78% of travelers are more inclined to buy travel insurance compared to last year, 70% will be purchasing trip insurance and 27% will be purchasing travel medical insurance.

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