19/03/2020 By Nida Kapadia

Today we announced the gradual suspension of Air Transat flights until April 30. This decision follows the Government of Canada's announcement that the country is closing its borders to foreign nationals, as well as similar decisions by several other countries where Transat operates.
Sales for departures until April 30 are suspended immediately from and to most destinations in Europe and the United States. Flights will continue for a few more days in order to repatriate Transat customers to their home country. So as to allow as many repatriations as possible, sales will, however, remain temporarily open in both directions between Montreal and Paris and Lisbon and between Toronto and London and Lisbon. A date for a full halt to operations will be announced soon.
Sales are also halted immediately from and to the Caribbean and Mexico. Again, flights will continue for a few more days in order to repatriate Transat customers to Canada. Transat is advising its Canadian customers who were scheduled to depart in the coming days to heed the government's recommendations and postpone their departure.
This is an unprecedented situation that is forcing us to briefly suspend all of our flights to contribute to the effort to fight the pandemic, protect our customers and employees and safeguard the company. We have already implemented cost-cutting measures in recent weeks, and we understand that your own situation must hardly be any easier. We sincerely hope that this will be as brief as possible and be assured that we will remain in contact in the coming weeks so that we can continue working together as soon as we can foresee the resumption of our operations.
The tourism industry has always been resilient. That is its greatest strength. We are confident that our customers will be able to travel again in the not-too-distant future, and we are counting on your usual collaboration so that, together, we can get through this difficult period, which we know will be short-lived.

With best regards,

Joseph Adamo

Chief Distribution Officer


Author: Nida Kapadia (4 posts) 

Nida is a Senior Account Manager at OTT working with brands across a wide range of travel industry sectors.

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