Sabre - Introduction

Price: $260
Duration: 50 hrs

This course provides you with a full introduction to the entire Sabre system.
It is perfect for a beginner as it gives you 50 hours of training time.
This course includes: Flight Reservations, Automated Fares & Ticketing, Car Hire & Hotel Reservations

Subjects covered:

Lesson 1 - Course Introduction, Signing In/Out, Retrieving a PNR
Lesson 2 - Encoding and Decoding
Lesson 3 - Flight Availability, Alliances and Schedules
Lesson 4 - The Mandatory PNR Fields
Lesson 5 - Building Complete PNRs
Lesson 6 - Optional PNR Information
Lesson 7 - More Optional PNR Information
Lesson 8 - PNR Management
Lesson 9 - Seat Assignments
Lesson 10 - Seat Maps
Lesson 11 - Rental Car Reservations
Lesson 12 - Misc. Car Displays, Rules Displays and Policy Displays
Lesson 13 - Hotel Reservations
Lesson 14 - Index search qualifiers and optional sell fields
Lesson 15 - Fare Displays and Fare Rules
Lesson 16 - Itinerary Pricing
Lesson 17 - Ticketing
Lesson 18 - Queues
Lesson 19 - Queue Tasks
Lesson 20 - Currency Conversion and Other Miscellaneous Functions
Lesson 21 - DRS and Format Finder
Lesson 22 – Timaticweb

Included in this course:

- Sabre account creation
- 6 months access to your Sabre account
- 50 hours allocated time to complete your course within the 6 months access period
- 22 lessons + 4 quizzes + 1 final exam
- Free certificate*
- Technical support

Additional information:

-You need more hours to take and pass your course? OTT offers packages of 5, 10 or 20 additional hours that you can buy directly online!
-And if you haven’t finished your course within 6 months? Don’t worry, you can buy an extra 6 months access by contacting OTT
-All the courses and exam are online, there is no software to install, you only need internet access!

* We are an approved reseller of the Viasinc GDS training programme and therefore we are authorised to issue certificates for Sabre. You need to get 85% or more to receive the certificate. Don’t forget that you can take the exam as many times as you need, so long as it is within your available training hours.