Sabre - Airline Reservations

Price: $224
Duration: 30 hrs

A comprehensive course covering all elements of Sabre Airline Reservations

This course is prefect for someone who is wanting to gain a comprehensive understanding of Airline Reservations on the Sabre GDS system. it covers more detail that you would get in the 'Introduction' course. You'll find it un-rushed with more examples, more quizzes etc.. so that you will really get a great understanding of this subject!

Subjects covered:

Lesson 1 - Course intro, system access, encoding/decoding
Lesson 2 - Retrieving and Ignoring PNRs, Similar Name Lists
Lesson 3 - Displaying PNR fields
Lesson 4 - Displaying basic city pair availability
Lesson 5 - Return city pair availability
Lesson 6 - Flight detail displays, decoding mixed booking codes, airline alliances, air extras
Lesson 7 - Selling from availability
Lesson 8 - Passenger names, passenger telephone numbers
Lesson 9 - Ticketing arrangement, received-from
Lesson 10 - Building complete PNRs, End transaction
Lesson 11 - Canceling segments, changing/deleting basic passenger data
Lesson 12 - Entering remarks, form of payment and psgr address
Lesson 13 - Frequent flyer, agency addresses, passenger e-mail addresses
Lesson 14 - AFAX and GFAX, OSI and SSR
Lesson 15 - Changing and deleting non-essential PNR fields
Lesson 16 - Advanced city pair availability
Lesson 17 - Availability sales tags
Lesson 18 - Direct sell, open segs, waitlisted segs, book-conf segs, ARNK
Lesson 19 - Cancel and rebook segments
Lesson 20 - Inserting segments
Lesson 21 - Reducing a party
Lesson 22 - Dividing a party
Lesson 23 - STARS
Lesson 24 - Seat reservations, booking seats by area
Lesson 25 - Seat maps
Lesson 26 - Seat assignment from a seat map, change and cancel
Lesson 27 - The queue system I
Lesson 28 - The queue system II
Lesson 29 - Calculator functions, calendar functions, time functions, currency, minimum connecting times
Lesson 30 - DRS
Lesson 31 - Format Finder
Lesson 32 - Total Access, Direct Access Function
Lesson 33 - Multi Access function of Total Access

Included in this course:

- Training account creation
- 6 months access to your Training account
- 30 hours allocated time to complete your course within the 6 months access period
- 33 lessons + 8 exercises + 10 quizzes + 1 final exam
- Free certificate*
- Technical support

Additional information:

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Please allow for up to 24 hours after purchasing this course to receive your login details.

* We are an approved reseller of the Viasinc GDS training programme and therefore we are authorised to issue certificates of completion. You need to get 85% or above to receive the certificate. Don’t forget that you can take the exam as many times as you need, so long as it is within your available training hours.