Managing the Travel Business

Price: $637
Duration: 120 hours

  With more than 1 billion people traveling abroad each year for leisure, business, education, family and other reasons, the travel industry offers travel professionals tremendous business opportunities. This course will improve your skills to supervise and manage a team, to initiate change and make business decisions based on sound negotiating strategies and to gain a competitive business strategy by developing new products and marketing these effectively. Gain insight on agency accounting procedures to build business plans that ensure good financial health.  
  What you will learn  
  Upon completing this course you will be able to:  
  - Understand the manager's roles and responsibilities within a travel agency  
  - Coach and motivate employees  
  - Develop sound negotiating skills  
  - Develop new products and services  
  - Arrange special interest travel and tour production  
  - Set up proper back office operations  
  Course format  
  - This distance learning course is available in eBook format.  
  - This course requires approximately 145 hours of study, to be completed in 12 months.  
  - You will access online resources and other study materials through your User Account.  
  - You need an Internet connection and Google Chrome™ browser.  
  - Student performance will be based on an examination. Please refer to the Exam Information below for more details.  
  Key Topics   
  - Administration and accounting  
  - Strategic management and negotiation  
  - Product development  
  - Meeting and event planning  
  - Sales and marketing plus developing a social media strategy  
  Who should attend  
  This course is recommended for existing or aspiring:  
  - Travel agency supervisors and mid-level managers  
  - Agency back-office personnel  
  - Sales and marketing managers  
  - Independent travel consultants  
  Certificate awarded  
  By successfully completing the examination you will receive the Managing the Travel Business Diploma  
  Exam information  
  Please read the General Information on Distance Learning Exams, and check the Distance Learning - Course edition list for exams when booking your exam.  
  Exam Delivery Method: Supervised exam in IATA Exam location. Physical Attendance is required. Depending on exam venue availability online exams are available.  
  Exam Format: Multiple Choice questions. Foldout Maps are not permitted  
  Number of questions: 100  
  Time Allowance: 3 hours  
  Passing Grade: 60 correct answers  
  Distinction Grade: 85 correct answers  
  Number of exam attempts: 2  


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