IATA Global Distribution Systems Fares and Ticketing Course - GALILEO

Price: $462
Duration: 50 hours

About the course


Explore and interpret Global Distribution Systems Fares (GDS) by using mileage system pricing.


Format: eBook


Prerequisites: Learners must already be familiar with GDS system functionality, basic commands, and have the ability to interpret booked itineraries.


What you will learn


Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:


  • - Analyse GDS displays relevant to mileage system pricing
  • - Identify and price different journey types
  • - Readinterpret, and apply fare rules
  • - Check minimum-fare rules in pricing itineraries
  • - Use GDS to issue tickets for manually-priced reservations



Who should attend


  • - Airline fares desk agents
  • - Travel agents
  • - Airline ticket agents
  • - Call center agents



Key topics


  • - Introduction to mileage based air fares, analysing itineraries and retrieving fares from a GDS
  • - Pricing one-way and circle trip practice exercises
  • - Limitations on indirect travel, side trips and surface sectors
  • - Backhauls, circle trips, journeys in different classes of service and alternative fare break points
  • - Lowest combinations, round-the-world journeys and minimum checks



Additional info


This is a distance learning course, delivered either on a CD-ROM or through a web-based program. Both formats contain identical course content and are supported by a course Workbook.


If you purchase the Internet-based course, you will receive the Workbook in the form of a PDF file, e-mailed to the address you include on your enrolment form. No shipping fees will apply.


If you purchase the course on CD-ROM, you will receive a printed course Workbook along with your CD-ROM. Shipping fees will be included with your payment.


This course requires the following minimum system requirements: Windows 95, Internet Explorer 5.5, 16MB memory.