Galileo - Refresher

Price: $139
Duration: 25 hrs

Ideal if you have used Galileo but could do with a quick "brush up" to remind you how to use it. Please note: This course does not include modules on Hotel and Car Reservations. 

Subjects covered:

Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Course, Sign On/Off, Encode and Decode
Lesson 2 - BF Retrieval, Similar Name Lists, Display BF Subfields
Lesson 3 - Timetable Displays, Availability and Link Indicators
Lesson 4 - Return Availability, Flight Details, Advanced Availability, Codeshares, Alliances and LCCs
Quiz 1 - Questions on the material covered in Lessons 1-4
Lesson 5 - The Mandatory BF Fields
Lesson 6 - Build and End Complete BFs
Lesson 7 - Optional BF Fields
Lesson 8 - OSI and SSR Messages
Lesson 9 - BF Management
Quiz 2 - Questions on the material covered in Lessons 5-9
Lesson 10 - Seat Assignment, Seat Maps, Change and Cancel Seats
Lesson 11 - Profiles
Lesson 12 - Fare Displays
Lesson 13 - Fare Notes
Lesson 14 - Itinerary Pricing
Lesson 15 - Ticketing
Lesson 16 - Ancillary Services and EMDs
Quiz 3 - Questions on the material covered in Lessons 10-16
Lesson 17 - Queues
Lesson 18 - Queue Tasks
Lesson 19 - Currency Conversion and Other Miscellaneous Functions
Lesson 20 - Help and Reference Systems
Lesson 21 - Timatic
Quiz 4 - Questions on the material covered in Lessons 17-21
Exam - Final Assessment Exam - No Car and Hotel
Emulator - Galileo Emulator

Included in this course:

Training account creation
6 months access to your Training account
25 hours allocated time to complete your course within the 6 months access period
21 lessons + 4 quizzes + 1 final exam
Free certificate*
Technical support 

Additional information :

You need more hours to take and pass your course? OTT offers packages of 5 or 10 additional hours that you can buy directly online!
And if you haven’t finished your course within 6 months? Don’t worry, you can buy an extra 1 months access online.
All the courses and exam are online, there is no software to install, you only need internet access!

Please allow for up to 24 hours to receive your course login details after purchasing the course.

* We are an approved reseller of the Viasinc GDS training programme and therefore we are authorised to issue certificates of completion. You need to get 85% or above to receive the certificate. Don’t forget that you can take the exam as many times as you need, so long as it is within your available training hours.