OTT GDS Academy

OTT GDS Academy

OTT is the leading e-learning and marketing platform for the travel and tourism industry worldwide.   Our platform, combined with data driven marketing, has created the travel industry’s largest e-Learning travel agent database for our partners, including airlines, hotels, destinations, cruise, ferry companies and tour operators.  

OTT continues to leverage this technology for the purpose of sales growth and increased brand awareness through the travel trade, whille our Travel Agents continue to expand their knowledge.

OTT is offering a unique opportunity for travel agencies, consortia and other travel interested groups to be able to choose from any of our 100 GDS & Skills Training Courses to create and display a relevant portfolio of courses specifically targeted to their audience. This Academy is ideally suited to small to medium sized travel agencies or consortia who want to provide specific training for their travel agents.


About Your OTT Academy:

- OTT Academy is free
- Quick to implement – most can be live in a few days
- Consistent and Controllable Content - all updates and changes are managed by OTT
- Fast & Easy to set up - Simply select and display your courses
- No restriction on the number of courses - Add or remove courses easily to enhance your training
- No Risk - Full support and no contract 
- Registration data and reporting for accurate tracking of marketing effectiveness
- Every Agent who passes a course receives a certificate.
- Add your own custom courses - Click here to learn more


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