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  • Blue Air

    Blue AirWin free flights with Blue Air!

    Complete the Blue Air training course before 30 October and win tickets to any destination served directly from the UK!


  • AVIS

    AVISWin an Apple iWatch worth £299!

     Complete the Avis Training Academy before 31st July for a chance to win!


July 2016 Newsletter

Featuring Gran Canaria, Singapore, Avis, Greece, Québec, Lufthansa, and the Monthly Gold Member Winner.

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June 2016 Newsletter

Featuring Gran Canaria, Via Rail Canada, Philippine Airlines, The Algarve and monthly Gold Member Interview.

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May 2016 Newsletter

Featuring Atlantis The Palm, Garuda Indonesia, Dominica, and Centro America.

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Complete the course for a chance to win £100 vouchers towards any holiday booked through TIS!      


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