Reward top selling agents

grow market share and sell more

Build your Booking Rewards programme in 5 easy steps

A ‘Booking Reward’ programme is a terrific way to incentivise and reward your top selling agents. This automated program helps you recruit and retain travel professionals.  Quick to set up and easy to maintain, its part of your current course funtionality so comes as standard with your plan.

Contact your account manager and start building loyalty with the travel experts who champion your brand to their clients.   

  • 1. Activate your rewards programme within a day.

    Booking Rewards can be activated on your course withn a few hours. Its a simple system that is easy to set-up and maintain.

    Simply tell your account manager the programme details and we do the rest.  

    The feature is part of your OTT subscription, so there’s no additional fees to pay. 

  • 2. Flexible

    The rewards feature can be switched ‘on’ and ‘off’ at any time throughout your subscription to give you maximum control. 

    Update the rewards programe at any time and the automated system will do the rest.

  • 3. Access booking data

    Access agent submissions any time. 

    Reports are generated across custom date ranges for each programme to give you the insights you need to incentivise key agents.  

    Data available includes, agent name, contact details and booking details. 

  • 4. Increase market share

    Encourage travel professionals to keep selling your brand, even when your competition are offering other promotions. 

  • 5. Contact us

    If you have a course with OTT, contact your account Manger directly or email us at  [email protected]

    If you do not have a course with OTT, contact us