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27/07/2018 By : Louise Honan

Your course is just the beginning

Helping our partners achieve more is always at the centre of OTT's innovations.

Now ‘OTTO Mail’, our new email offering in partnership with Force24 gives our Partners the power to communicate with their most engaged agents simply and quickly.

An end-to end solution.
The blend of product knowledge and targeted marketing increases engagement and develops both new and incremental sales for your travel products, far quicker and more cost efficiently than through any other available channel combination.

Best practices.
Compliance is one of the hottest topics in the commercial world at the moment.  OTT offers peace of mind with a fully GDPR compliant platform which is structured to keep everyone’s data safe.
We have access to compliance experts who can guide you through the communications minefields associated with challenges such as personal data consent and the right to be forgotten.

No technical Issues.
OTT’s interface is easy to use. Creating and sending mobile friendly emails takes only minutes. And, because the email solution is linked to our product courses, the leg work of managing lists is taken out of your day.

Better engagement
We know the benefits of email marketing. It is extremely affordable and has one of the largest returns on investment ratios in the field of marketing.By targeting already engaged agents who have completed your course, this feature provides exciting opportunity to inform, up-sell and cross-sell your brands.

Comprehensive tracking and analytics
As well as tracking your course engagement, you can measure the success of each campaign with clear and simple reporting.

Key Features
1. Bespoke branded templates in line with your online brand guidelines
2. Smart integration with your OTT profile takes the leg work out of list management - your contact list is automatically kept up to date
3. Compliance is built into the OTT system so you can communicate with confidence
4. Grow your list of opted-in agents through your course
5. Personalisation and segmentation allow you to target the right audience for your message
6. Each template is designed and optimised for best results across all devices
7. Simple reporting gives you insight into what is working and whats not
8. Fair usage policy with no limit to how many emails you can send

For more information please contact us on 020 7812 3800.

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