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09/06/2021 By : Michelle Marais

The Essential Guide To Creating A Travel Newsletter

People literally love to travel. The average amount spent on visits abroad by British tourists added up to over 62.3 billion pounds in 2019. Capitalise on that travel loyalty with your own personalized travel newsletter.


Top Newsletter Tips


  1. The Subject Is…
  2. Content Is King
  3. Have A Plan
  4. A Clear CTA
  5. Sharing Is Caring
  6. Testimonials


The Subject Is..

Subject lines are crucial to the success of your newsletter. They’re like the cover of a book, attracting your audience’s interest. You have a limited time to draw your audience in and compel them to start reading. Keep your subject line short, be appealing, but don’t overpromise the content. You can ask questions, use a list, put your attention-grabber at the beginning, and research top-performing subject words.


Here are some subject lines that will inspire you.


Content Is King

Personalise your content to your audience’s needs. If a traveller books a tour through you, send them newsletters that are relevant to their specific trip. Include user-generated content in your newsletters. When travellers want an accurate understanding of a specific location, user-generated content inspires purchase decisions. Include blog articles and educational content – this will improve your email metrics, and it will increase traffic to your blog. 60% of marketers report that email is more effective for article engagement than social media.


Have A Plan

Set out your objectives for your newsletter. Why do you want to communicate with your audience? Do you want to create leads for your travel agency? Do you want to inform your existing customers about special events? Is it about winning new customers, or building your relationship with your current base of travellers? How and what you communicate will be driven by your objectives.

Set KPIs for your newsletter. How will you determine the email send is a success? How many people open your newsletter, how many people click on the links, how many people purchased via the links? Adapt your strategy as your goals change, and constantly evaluate your objectives.

Schedule your email sends – the time of day, and which day of the week you send, is critical. Using a mail platform, test your sends over a period of time. This will enable you to analyze what times of day and which days of the week your open rates will be at their highest, and thus, when your audience has the greatest likelihood of reading your mails.

If you would like assistance with OTT’s mail platform, email us for more information on [email protected]


A Clear CTA

A Call-To-Action (CTA) refers to a piece of content (for example, a clickable button in a newsletter) that is intended to prompt your readers into a specific action (ie. clicking through to your website and reading a full article). The type of instructions used in CTAs include: Buy Now, Sign Up, Follow etc. CTAs motivate your sales funnel, whether you want your audience to visit your blog, share their contact information, subscribe to your newsletter etc. Read here to gain insight and learn how to craft an effective Call To Action.


Sharing Is Caring states “Tourism practices and destination decisions are more and more affected by the opinions of trusted friends channeled through social media, and it is therefore of great interest to explore the role that this plays in the travel context.” Download the full report here. Social media is a direct link between you and your consumer. This gives you the opportunity to communicate more informally while showcasing your expertise. Telling your story gives your audience an opportunity to connect with you in a real, authentic way, while also adding to your bottom line.



According to a survey by TripAdvisor, 90% of travelers worldwide report their booking decisions are influenced by online reviews. Your audience is sharing their trust in your products and services, giving credibility to your travel brand. It’s an endorsement and makes the buying decision less risky for your consumers, knowing your services have already been tried and tested. The best way to get a great testimonial is by consistently providing a fantastic service.


In conclusion, travel is the perfect industry to focus on a newsletter to communicate with your audience.

  • Focus on your subject line to ensure your audience reads your newsletter.
  • Create phenomenal, authentic content to drive engagement.
  • Plan your content, and achieve your objectives.
  • Have a clear Call To Action, in order for your audience to do what you’d like them to.
  • Share your newsletter and blog content on social media, in order to gain access to an extended audience.
  • Gain credibility with potential consumers, by sharing endorsements you have received.

Top Newsletter Tips InfographicTop Newsletter Tips

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