The Bradenton Area launches four new itineraries to help plan your next trip to the Sunshine State easier than ever before.

14/04/2021 By Nida Kapadia


The Bradenton Area launches four new itineraries to help plan your next trip to the Sunshine State easier than ever before. Just one hour from Tampa and two hours from Orlando, which both have direct flights from the UK, this hidden gem of Florida is perfect on its own as a relaxing beach break or as a twin centre option.

The newly launched itineraries are as follows:

Foodie Finders

The Bradenton Area is bursting with opportunities to branch out and take your taste buds on a trip to enjoy some of the freshest flavours and most unique dining experiences in the country. See the itinerary here.

Relaxation Requesters

Known for its laid-back, friendly atmosphere, idyllic views and places to be pampered, the Bradenton Area is the perfect place to unplug, unwind and relax. See the itinerary here.

Arts & Culture Enthusiasts

With galleries, theatre performances and historic stops, you’re sure to fall in love with the Bradenton Area’s creative spirit and proud heritage. See the itinerary here.

Soft Adventure Seekers

It is not hard for thrill-seekers of all ages to find soft adventures and feel the adrenaline rush in the Bradenton Area. See the itinerary here.

Whichever itinerary fits best with your mood, you are sure to find the perfect holiday in the Bradenton Area.

The quaint downtown of Bradenton is known for its charm, with local farmers markets and a peaceful Riverwalk. Anna Maria Island claims the jewel in the crown, with pure white sandy beaches and palm trees rising taller than the buildings. On the island, you’ll find family-owned restaurants, tiki bars and plenty of beachfront dining.

The island offers a large range of stylish villas, cottages and apartments, ready to cater to even the biggest of families, with the beautiful beaches on your doorstep. Private use of your own villa not only reduces any hygiene worries, it also provides space for the multi-generation family holiday. Ranging from two bedroom to nine bedrooms, there is plenty of room for the grandparents, the little ones and the aunties and uncles. Many villas have private pools, games rooms and the sprawling white sandy beaches are never more than a few minutes away, making it ideal for those looking to enjoy wide open spaces in the Florida sunshine.


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