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22/02/2021 By : James Skellington

The 4 things email marketing has prepared us for in 2021

There are so many advantages to marketing automation that OTT and Force24 loves – and we hope you do too! So in this first guest blog for OTT in 2021, we celebrate all-things email marketing.

After all, not only can these digital comms transform your marketing campaigns, but they can pave the way for turning cold prospects into loyal customers and drive forward your ROI. So, what’s not to like?

Reflecting on a tough 2020 for many marketers, if last year taught us anything, it was how important maintaining an effective online presence was. That meant providing supportive, trusted and reliable content for consumers that was empathic and authentic to current circumstances. It wasn’t easy for several brands to cut through the increased ‘noise’ but it provided a moment for email marketing to truly come into its own.

We’re huge advocates for a well-crafted piece of content that’s sent to the right person, at the right time and via their preferred channels. And so, we knew how vital automation was – and continues to be – when ensuring that B2B and B2C email campaigns responded effectively to an individual’s of-the-moment online behaviours.

And it’s great to see that we’re not the only ones who believe in the power of digital comms now and in the future. Recently released Statista figures reveal how email marketing is set to be an opportunity that 4.3 billion users will capitalise on by 2023 – that’s half of the world’s population!

So, during a time when recipients need effective, responsible and timely communication from brands the most, here are four reasons why we think killer email content will continue to play a pivotal role in your marketer’s toolkit…

1. Providing your brand with a powerful voice

Communication is a word that has been used by organisations of all shapes and sizes even more throughout the pandemic. That’s because – following the mass move to businesses working from home – companies were forced to react swiftly when it came to maintaining deep and meaningful customer relationships during an immense amount of digital ‘noise’.

More than 300 billion marketing emails are still being delivered to recipients worldwide, and that’s only going to increase as brands respond to the tricky economic climate and the ever-evolving needs of each consumer.

For many savvy professionals, the 2021 laser-beam focus will be on continuing to engage individuals with conversion-led copy – both of which should be reassuring and educative, alongside providing support when a customer requires it the most.

2. Delivering sophisticated integrated campaigns

While email marketing is a brilliant gateway into engaging an audience, it’s not the only comms tool that marketers should be tapping into throughout this year.

In fact, what a marketing department should be looking at from their campaign activity is how to utilise their words effectively to nurture a customer all the way towards a conversion. That doesn’t mean sending one bland and irrelevant email out into cyberspace – we’re talking about an all-encompassing approach via sophisticated integrated campaigns.

Savvy professionals know that, on average, it takes six touchpoints before a purchase and so marketers must make the best use of every single drop of messaging. With killer content, they must maximise the channels they know their customers prefer – whether that’s email, SMS, direct mail or social media.

And for those who are still unsure as to where to begin when it comes to delivering such a campaign, check out our six-stage email nurture sequence framework – that we swear by here at Force24 – alongside more tips on designing an integrated journey in minutes rather than hours. If this isn’t part of your marketing strategy throughout 2021, make this your year.

3. Personalisation is key

While there has been an explosion of email sends over the past 12 months, that hasn’t meant brands have always got it right throughout 2020 – but there are lessons to be learnt.

Delivering impersonalised, irrelevant content has often resulted in recipients hitting ‘delete’ or immediately scrolling past it in their inboxes because they know it’s another marketing email that’s sent out blindly – and they didn’t even want it in the first place!

A modern-day marketer should be well-versed in creating hyper-personalised content that’s much more sophisticated than ‘Hi [first name]’ via a mass ‘batch and blast’ send. A better way is to craft tailored and engaging copy that responds to your customer’s interests and entices them to find out more or purchase your brand’s product or service.

Customers want to feel important and understood – however swiftly their interests evolve – and that’s where personalisation can set one firm apart from another.

4. Providing a laser beam focus on lead scoring

Not only is this something we’ve been waxing lyrical about throughout 2020, but lead scoring is a brilliant way to understand customers on a granular level. It enables you to discover more about your audience – instilling a greater sense of loyalty as a result – while also providing your brand with a competitive advantage.

If you’re not yet utilising the powers of lead scoring via marketing automation, this is how marketers can measure every individual’s engagement with your organisation. And, armed with such vital information, both sales and marketing departments can then utilise this killer detail to speak directly to the hottest leads via a personal touchpoint – when most timely – to produce a conversion-rich opportunity.

One final thought…

Customers want brands to step up and answer their problems as soon as they occur – no matter how much their online behaviours evolve. The current lockdown climate provides the perfect time for marketing departments to adapt swiftly and truly understand their audience. And the great thing about this is… marketing automation technology can do it all for you!

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