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16/11/2022 By : Siddharth Vijay Jairaj

Success Story: Sustainable education with Intrepid

Tour operator Intrepid has always had planet-friendly travel at its core, and with sustainability becoming an even bigger concern for travellers, now really is the time for the industry to take responsibility.
OTT knows that sustainability is important to consumers, our travel agent community, and our partners, and that is why as a business, we are serious about supporting the travel trade when it comes to greener practices.
As such, OTT offered free sustainability courses to its partners this year. Intrepid were keen to sign up and to date, have seen more than 240 agents complete the sustainability course with a 98% pass rate.  
Intrepid’s values are focused on responsible tourism so it was important for them to get the message out to travel agents, so they are then confident in responding to consumer questions.  Leslie Latchman, Intrepid’s senior marketing manager, chatted to OTT about the reasons behind adding this course...

Why is it so important for the industry to have knowledge now on sustainable tourism?
The pandemic has made us all more aware of the impact of our travels on destinations and the communities we visit and it’s more important than ever for the industry to have a focus on responsible and regenerative travel.

Consumers may look to agents to ask if they’re making the right choices around sustainability, or what more they can do to minimise their impacts on the planet. That’s why it’s important for us to try and help raise awareness and education, and make sure agents feel comfortable and confident speaking about this.

Why was OTT the right platform for you for the sustainability course?
Our sustainability course is the fourth we’ve created with OTT and went live at the end of May 2022. We thought using OTT would be a great long-term, in-depth option for agents to learn about sustainability that they can really sink their teeth into. 

We can get lots of content into a module to educate agents and give them the tools and details they need to sell and inform their customers. It’s also helpful getting data from the module to see how many people have completed the course and their answers and feedback. This helps us understand if there are any more gaps in knowledge that we could address – or any feedback that could improve the course for the future and make it as useful as possible.

We were also able to embed photos and videos into the module to help explain points and make it more interactive. We included a short quiz at the end of the course which was a great way to test agents on their knowledge and help give them confidence that they know the answers to questions clients may ask.

What was your overall objective for the course
There’s rising consumer demand for sustainable travel, and we wanted to help make sure agents understand sustainability and feel comfortable talking about it. Sustainability can sometimes seem daunting, so we wanted to help break down what the concept means, how to communicate the messages to consumers and how it can not only be beneficial for the planet, but for customers too. We also wanted to help both agents and customers see that even taking small steps can make a difference. Prior to the course, TTG did a survey with agents about gaps in knowledge around sustainability and we crafted the course based on their answers to make sure it was as impactful as possible.

What steps did you take to communicate the course?
We did an e-shot with OTT to their full UK database, as well as our own email comms to the 1000+ agents on our OTTOMail account. We also amplified this through print ads in TTG’s June magazine, in addition to posting on our own Intrepid Loves Agents Facebook group which has over 6,000 members.

Any agent feedback?
We’ve had lots of positive feedback from agents in the reviews of our module. The main messages are that it was an interesting way of learning about sustainability and was informative and interactive. Agents said it showed them how they can tell their clients about sustainability in the industry and why it’s important. The majority were likely to recommend the course to a friend or colleague, which is great.

Would you recommend other companies utilise OTT through dedicated courses?
Yes – it was a simple, interactive, and informative way to educate agents about sustainability that they could do in their own time and go back to if they need to. It was helpful that we could get direct feedback and results from agents.

Siddharth Jairaj, OTT Account Manager said of working with Intrepid: “As a company we know just how important sustainability is to the travel industry. We are so pleased that Intrepid have led the way with this course to ensure they get the important messages out to the travel trade. It really has been our pleasure to support them on this.”

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