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09/11/2022 By : Katherine

OTT unveils FLEX video training.

OTT has launched a new, video-led microlearning structure FLEX - Future Learning Experience - which creates course content from bite-sized learning modules.

The new format has been created following research into the cognitive benefits of microlearning. This has led to the creation of multimedia learning modules that take less than five minutes to complete. Each module contains a multiple-choice test and once all module tests have been correctly passed, a branded certificate is delivered.

Microlearning structure is “winning formula”

OTT founder Julia Feuell explained: “OTT’s microlearning structure continues to be the winning formula for maximum trade engagement to gain knowledge and learn sales skills. During the pandemic, we noticed our travel trade members enjoyed accessing essential travel information via multi-media for knowledge - views of video-based training had increased. Whilst OTT allows embedding of videos for courses and runs webinars, vodcasts, and other virtual events, we researched whether our courses should move to embrace video training more fully.”

Course owners have access to the data about who has taken the course and can engage with them using OTT’s email tool to send special offers or invitations to events.

FLEX courses are short, interactive courses that give you a sense of visiting destinations while learning about them. Research in an OTT white paper found that combining both visual and auditory learning leads to the best learning outcomes. The format also utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to layer speech over video to create commentary in multiple languages and accents, combining video with subtitles for an immersive learning experience.

Gibraltar - first destination to launch FLEX course

OTT has created a new course for Gibraltar and has already created beta-testing video courses for Korea, Oita and Cape Town. A sample of 500 OTT users who had passed more than 50 courses has been asked to give feedback on the new format.

Of those sampled, 64 percent expressed a preference for the new training, 19 percent said that they didn’t mind and 17 percent said they liked the courses as they currently are on OTT.

More than £1 million has been invested in the development of the OTT platform, along with a six-figure sum that is spent every year keeping the platform up-to-date with the latest education technology trends.

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