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29/05/2018 By : Nida Kapadia

OTT partners with The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism for first ever Facebook Live training session

The 13-minute live training session was streamed on OTT’s Facebook page which is liked by more than 5,500 followers. The session was marketed to OTT’s database of travel professionals in the UK via an eshot which marketed the event as an “excuse to log onto Facebook at work.” The eshot gave an introduction to the live stream, plus joining instructions for the session.

The Facebook Live video featured a presentation from Richard Trasler, marketing executive of CIDOT Europe, who talked about travel logistics, activities and scenic highlights of the islands and gave an overview of the type of customer which the destination would most appeal to. The live stream was set against a screen backdrop featuring stunning images from the islands.

CIDOT’s live stream also included a competition to win goodies from the Cayman Islands including rum, rum cakes and mugs. Since its upload, the session has received 1,100 views.

Richard says: “This was an exciting event for The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism because, as far as we know, it was the very first live stream training session within the travel trade. We were able to engage and interact with travel professionals, right there, right then. What was really exciting was seeing people logging onto Facebook to watch and ask questions. It’s a powerful tool which brings a human touch to the product.”

He adds: “We will definitely be using Facebook Live again to sell the Cayman Islands, potentially using it for closely defined objectives, such as promoting our amazing dive offering. Using the OTT platform also means you are reaching the right agents - those who are looking for education and training opportunities.”

Travel professionals who watched the stream gave a warm reception to the Facebook Live training format. Comments included “a great way to learn, ” “loved the training, I’ve just watched it again” and “really informative.”

Sarah-Lynne Rand of OTT says: “We had some great comments following the Facebook Live session - not only from the travel professionals who watched and interacted with it in real time, but from other destinations who enjoyed the training format and are looking to do something similar.”

“It’s clear from our research that our community of travel professionals enjoy using and interacting with each other on Facebook. Our live stream with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism was no exception - we had more than 60 comments and interactions during the session.”

CIDOT has just launched a five-module online course with OTT which will outline the Cayman Islands offer in more detail, alongside the benefits to travel professionals of selling the high-end destination. The new course is part of the destination’s ongoing strategy to engage directly with the travel trade. Travel professionals who successfully complete the modules will be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes. * For further information on the Cayman Islands contact [email protected]

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