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14/10/2021 By : Louise Honan

OTT grows with you

OTT is growing with you, updating our website for your ease of use and convenience.

You'll love the changes to the top navigation, streamlining your customer journey. We've refreshed the category icons, understanding that icons are the best way to demonstrate essential content in an easy-to-consume way, aesthetically appealing and apt metaphors for each category. We've included an update to the blog, understanding that good navigation is essential to growing blog usage and accessibility to the content you need. 

This relaunch follows an essential page speed update earlier in the year, enabling you, our agents and partners to experience the speed and convenience of a world-class elearning site.

To download the latest version of the site, and see the image changes, please clear the existing cached images and cookies on your browser.

To clear your browsing data in Chrome:

  1. In Chrome, on the top right of the menu bar, click the 3 dots
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Select "Privacy and Security" on the left menu
  4. Select "Clear browsing data"
  5. Clear "cache and cookies" for the last 24 hours



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