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04/10/2021 By : Julia Feuell, Managing Director, OTT

Online Travel Talks - Partner Interviews

Theme: These are talks with the Heads of Tourist Boards / Heads of Travel Companies, who wish to talk to the trade about something new (and positive), which the trade can learn about. This is an interview-style recording. You could explain how your destination will be "opening up" for tourism, or any innovations that have happened in adjusting to the "new normal". The CEO, Julia Feuell, will interview the Director / CEO of the company, along with any other key partner VIPs you wish to invite - eg Head of a Hotel Association, Eco Expert etc.

How it works: This isn't a live recording. You'll be invited to join a Zoom meeting. When you (and your guests) are comfortable, Julia will begin recording. Julia will introduce the guest and/or panelists, and begin asking questions (using your questions if you've provided them). If you have any short videos to be added, this will be fine.

How long will the recording be: 20 minutes

When: These recordings are marketed on #trainingtuesday #traveltuesday

Who is the audience: UK and international travel professionals

Marketing: OTT will email the relevant travel professionals, and/or add the information to a relevant newsletter to promote #trainingtuesday #traveltuesday, and your recording. A banner will promote Online Travel Talks and will link to a landing page with the recordings. We will also post to OTT's Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and recently relaunched Instagram. You will be given a link to market your own recording, or you can add this recording to your course.

Reporting: Analytics from YouTube will be available.

Host: Julia Feuell, Founder and CEO of OTT

How to book: Contact your Account Manager. Most recordings are made on Thursdays.

What to provide: A short bio about you/your guests and any questions you'd like asked. Let Julia know about your topic, and provide background info (if any).

If you'd like your company logo featured in the recording, please provide your logo -

1. as a JPG/JPEG or 24-bit PNG

2. maximum dimensions of 600px by 600px

Marketing credits or fees: There are no fees or marketing credits for this recording/promotion for existing partners. This recording is in support of the global tourism recovery in 2021/22.

Further notes: The travel professionals are overwhelmed with the need to keep up to date with all the changes to travel schedules as we navigate the pandemic. They are the front line for questions from travelers. Any information you can provide, which helps them to understand what it's like traveling to destinations, staying in destinations, what you can/can't do, any interesting facts re. climate/environment etc.

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