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31/01/2022 By : Nida Kapadia

Okinawa’s whale watching season from January to March

From January to March, the oceans around Okinawa are home to an array of stunning wildlife including humpback whales which can be spotted off the coast of Zamami Island. Tourist boats run daily from Okinawa and Kerama Island, offering visitors the truly unforgettable experience of glimpsing these majestic animals in their natural habitat. 

The humpback whales travel all the way to the Kerama Islands from northern waters around Russia and Alaska.  

They spend the summers there and then begin to travel south in the fall, where they are seen around the Ogasawara Islands and Okinawa. They travel an incredible distance of about 9,000 km! 

The humpbacks travel to the waters near Okinawa over the fall and winter to give birth and raise their calves. Visitors may even get to see the heart-warming sight of whales swimming with their calves during a tour. 

For more information on whale watching, visit the new Visit Okinawa website: Visit Okinawa  

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