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01/05/2020 By : Louise Honan

New registrations on OTT grow by 300 per cent


The speed of transition to digital technologies is gathering pace with employees required to observe social distancing at work. If managers and users were reluctant before, now they are embracing these new tools with greater enthusiasm. 

The online learning and training sector has already seen rapid growth.  At Online Travel Training, new member registration has increased by more than 300% compared to the same period last year.   And the pace at which new members are joining is astonishing - membership grew by 38% in March and a further 74% in the month of April.  

68% of new registrations come from outside of the UK

The platform is also experiencing significant growth outside the UK with over 68% of new members coming from outside the UK -  India, USA, Canada, France and Portugal making up the top 5 fastest growing markets.

As businesses across the travel industry are forced to innovate and adapt rapidly to operate within the new normal, both suppliers and agents alike face enormous challenges, not least how to communicate with each other globally.  Access to reliable content is essential for travel advisors as they work to give their customers the best possible level of service.  And it is clear that they are turning to reputable tech platforms to source this valuable content.

April 2020 saw the highest level of course completions in OTT’s history

OTT members have been busy - April saw the biggest number of courses completed since the company was founded 10 years ago - with each member completing an average of 2 - 3 travel courses per month.

As we emerge from the lockdown, the public will look to travel experts more than ever, to help them navigate travelling safely and securely.  To do this suppliers must continue to communicate with agents to provide them with the knowledge they need to deliver the best possible travel experience for their customers.

To enquire about how OTT can help you communicate with travel experts contact [email protected] 

Top tips for effective communication with Agents

  1. Keep it short - OTT recommends a maximum course completion time of 20 minutes
  2. Messaging should  be clear and accurate - bullet points and short paragraphs work well
  3. Make it interesting - use a blend of media and include links to videos, brochures, webcasts and social feeds 
  4. Make it relevant - keep content fresh and up to date with a quick video update, message from the country manager for example
  5. Offer a reward or an incentive - it’s a great way to reward those agents who have invested their time to learn about your product.

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