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04/04/2022 By : Katherine

Learning uncovered – the theme Learning at Work Week 2022

Learning at Work Week 2022 (LAWW), organised by the Campaign for Learning, takes place from May 16-22.

The annual awareness week focuses on the enrichment of people by deepening understanding, knowledge, and engagement in lifelong and continual learning. At OTT, we’ve been keen supporters of LAWW and provide year-round support for our community of travel professionals, helping them enhance their product knowledge through online courses. Within the OTT team, we’ve also shared some of our own skills during LAWW, from teaching each other Origami to getting into the flow with T’ai Chi moves.

The aims of LAWW are to explore:

  • Why it’s important to be lifelong learners and support lifelong learning
  • How we can initiate and support lifelong learning as individuals and in our work communities
  • The opportunities and benefits that lifelong learning offers for work and life
  • An invitation to run activities that promote the benefits of lifelong learning to colleagues whatever they do, wherever they work and whatever their starting point.

This year’s event has three Learning Uncovered strands - Uncover learning potential, Uncover hidden powers and Uncover new dimensions.:

Uncover Learning Potential

Lifelong learning helps us become more confident, curious, purposeful, and skilled. It enriches us, bringing joy, connection, and understanding of the world, enhancing wellbeing. By learning we can achieve personal aspirations and organisational goals, and we can address and deal with challenges big and small. How can we build motivation and overcome our barriers to learning to make the most of what learning offers?

Uncover hidden powers

All organisations have a wealth of understanding, skills, knowledge, and experience that colleagues have developed at work and in life. They may span languages, creative arts, science, history, management, finance, technology, and more. Sharing our ‘hidden powers’ amplifies skills and knowledge at work, and builds stronger work communities, connecting colleagues and different parts of the business. It can help people reflect on their existing strengths and talents and feel valued for these. It can promote ideas, and conversations, and lead to innovation.

Uncover new dimensions

We are experiencing significant changes in our life and work, driven by global challenges such as climate change, longer-term developments including automation, and the pandemic. Our lives are becoming more digital, and for some more remote, requiring new ways to work, learn and connect. There is a new sense of the importance of refreshing our skills as the world of work changes and the need to support and maintain mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.

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