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20/06/2023 By : Tayla-Jane Nelson

Insights from Global Survey: Enhancing the Future Travel Industry.

In May 2023, OTT conducted a comprehensive global survey among travel trade professionals to gain valuable insights into the current state and future of the travel industry. With 1,187 travel agent responses received within just three weeks, the survey shed light on the challenges faced and opportunities for improvement. Collaborating with esteemed Chief Economist Peter Morris, the survey results highlighted key areas that require attention to rebuild and revitalize the industry. In this blog post, we will delve into the survey findings and explore the suggested strategies to propel the travel industry forward.


Better support from airlines: Respondents emphasized the need for airlines to offer enhanced services, including knowledgeable guides, local specialties, and improved infrastructure. By doing so, airlines can contribute to enhancing the overall tourism experience.


Utilise various central media for promotion: Diversifying media channels for tourism promotion was a recurring suggestion. By utilizing various platforms, destinations can attract a wider audience and increase visitor numbers.


Collaboration and cooperation: Respondents stressed the importance of collaboration among airlines, hotels, and travel agents to create seamless and enjoyable travel experiences. Airlines were urged to work closely with travel agents and prioritize customer satisfaction.

Adoption of digital and intelligent technologies: Leveraging digital systems for ticket and hotel bookings, as well as other travel-related processes, can greatly enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and provide convenient experiences for tourists.


Focus on cultural inheritance: Emphasizing the preservation and promotion of local culture, folk customs, and history adds depth and authenticity to the tourism experience. This approach can attract tourists seeking unique cultural encounters.


Enhance safety measures: Strengthening health and safety protocols, such as regular disinfection, social distancing, and promoting mask usage, ensures the well-being of tourists and builds trust in travel destinations.


Encourage responsible and sustainable travel practices: Promoting responsible travel and implementing sustainable tourism practices can protect natural resources and local ecosystems, appealing to environmentally conscious travellers.


Develop new attractions and experiences: Introducing new attractions, experiences, and virtual reality tourism enhances visitor engagement and offers unique travel options to cater to diverse interests.


Stay updated and informed: Travel agents were encouraged to stay knowledgeable about current travel trends, providing accurate and valuable information to clients. This builds trust and credibility in their expertise.


Financial support and loans: Providing financial support and tailored business loans for the travel and tourism industry can aid in its recovery and foster growth.


Conclusion: OTT's global survey offered valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the travel industry. By addressing the suggestions provided by travel agents, including improved airline support, embracing digital technologies, prioritizing safety, and promoting sustainable practices, the industry can rebound stronger than ever before. Through collaboration, innovation, and a focus on customer satisfaction, we can create a vibrant and resilient future for the travel industry. Let us join forces to rebuild, adapt, and thrive in the post-pandemic world of travel.



The results of the survey can be found in these bar graphs. However, the Agents’ free text ideas have been captured above:


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