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01/09/2023 By : Michelle Marais

Important Announcement - Bamboo Airways Suspends Service From London To Hanoi

Notice for canceled flight operations on HAN-LGW routes

In our continuous efforts to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience,
we have undertaken a restructuring process within our fleeting. While this step is critical
for the long-term growth and sustainability of our airline, we understand that it may result
in some temporary operational disruptions and adhoc flight cancellations.

The restructuring process aims to streamline our fleet operations, optimize resources,
and align our services with the ever-evolving demands of LGW market. Our primary goal
is to provide a seamless travel experience to our passengers, and this restructuring is a
crucial step in achieving that objective. However, we understand the impact this may have on your operations as well. As our esteemed agents, your support and partnership are highly valued, and we want to keep you informed and prepared for any changes that may occur during this transition period.

On behalf of Bamboo Airways, APG remains on hand to support and assist all QH clients and partners. Please contact their Res Department or +44 844 482 1670 for any assistance required.



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