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16/08/2021 By : Michelle Marais

How do travel agencies attract new customers?

Travel agencies work in a parity market. That means that no matter who you are, you’re in a highly competitive arena, and you need to shout louder to be heard by your audience. So how do you do that, in a Covid world?

The number of new travel agencies is roughly equal to the number of agencies who now no longer operate. The main criteria in the successful growth and development of an agency is your ability to personalize your relationship with your customers, no matter where they meet you, either online or offline.

The first way you can grow your travel audience is to optimize your site’s speed. Make sure that images on your site are not more than 800kb in size, and preferably smaller, while keeping in mind that a travel audience will decide to utilize your services on the presentation quality of your site.

According to, “most visitors are willing to wait up to 3 seconds for a page to load before leaving it. Moreover, about half of Internet users expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds. As a result, a slow loading website will lead to an increase in the bounce rate, which means losing potential customers in front of competitors. Load speed also affects Google search - a single second delay in loading a page means an 11% decrease in page views.”

Mobile-friendly websites are imperative. In an age where 90% of people do all their holiday research online, and 80% of people book online, where Google search data shows that flights and hotels will be booked in advance of 12 weeks, and consumers are doing this research while they’re eating, in the gym, sitting in a taxi etc, so an easy-to-navigate mobile-friendly website is a necessity for your travel agency to remain competitive. As of 2015, Google’s algorithms now favour mobile-friendly sites, so this will also assist in your organic ranking. It also ensures that you receive recommendations and testimonials. 57% of users say they do not recommend a business with a non-optimised mobile site.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendlyContent is still king. According to a study conducted in 2017 in the UK, 97% of Millennials say they would share a positive travel experience on Social Media and 57% of Millennials have made vacation plans based on images posted by friends on Social Media.

Woman at the beach at sunset, from InstagramWoman on the beach at SunsetWoman on the beach at sunset, from Instagram

Develop a company blog for your website. Hubspot states that companies that have a blog have 55% more website visitors. Why is this important? More visitors mean people who will potentially convert to leads and sales.

In part 2 of this series of articles, we’ll look at social media marketing, why domestic travel is an especially good source of revenue during Covid, and how digital marketing can help in acquiring domestic travel clients.

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