Give Them A Break

29/06/2020 By Nida Kapadia

No one deserves a holiday more than the hard-working key workers who are risking their lives to keep the country running. From nurses and care workers to supermarket staff and refuse collectors, they have healed us, held our hands and helped our country stay together through these difficult times.

Week after week the Great British Public have shown their appreciation of NHS frontline staff and key workers. Now's the time to do something practical. Were working with the Family Holiday Association, the charity that gives families a break, to raise funds to provide holidays and days out to low income key workers .

Give Them A Break was set up by a small group of volunteers to unite the travel industry and the public to give something back to key workers. With your help we can show our heartfelt thanks and treat them to holidays and days out.

All funds go directly to the Family Holiday Association to help low income key workers in need of a break. Holidays and days out will be allocated in line with any travel restrictions in place and as public health needs allow.

Your donation - however large or small - will make a difference in giving low income key workers and their families a break. The more we can raise, the more we can reward. Join us in showing thanks now.

Find out more about how we're giving key workers a break by visiting

OR join many worthy travel companies and list your holiday offer on our website by emailing NOW!

Author: Nida Kapadia (81 posts) 

Nida is a Senior Account Manager at OTT working with brands across a wide range of travel industry sectors.

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