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19/06/2023 By : Tayla-Jane Nelson

Exploring the world virtually: LGBTQI+ travel e-learning for pride month.

June is a month of celebration, empowerment, and visibility for the LGBTIAQ+ community worldwide. Pride Month is a time when people come together to celebrate the progress made towards equality and to raise awareness of the challenges that still exist. As the world continues to embrace diversity, inclusivity, and education, online travel training (OTT) provides an excellent platform to foster understanding, appreciation, and cultural awareness for LGBTIAQ+ travellers and allies alike. In this blog, our Head of Training at Online Travel Training explores the significance of LGBTIAQ+ travel e-learning and how it can contribute to a more inclusive and accepting world.


The Importance of LGBTIAQ+ Travel E-Learning:

Empowerment and Representation: 

LGBTIAQ+ travel e-learning offers a platform for the community to explore destinations where their identities are not only tolerated but celebrated. It provides a safe and inclusive space for individuals to learn about LGBTIAQ+ friendly destinations, accommodations, and experiences, helping them plan trips that align with their values and preferences.

Cultural Awareness and Acceptance: 

Travel e-learning encourages cultural understanding and acceptance by educating individuals about LGBTIAQ+ history, rights, and social dynamics in different parts of the world. By gaining knowledge about diverse communities, travellers can approach their journeys with respect, empathy, and an open mind, fostering positive interactions and breaking down stereotypes.

Personal Safety and Well-being: 

Travel e-learning equips the Travel trade with crucial information regarding the legal landscape, societal attitudes, and safety precautions in various destinations. Knowledge about LGBTIAQ+ rights, local laws, and support networks can empower travellers to make informed decisions that prioritise their safety and well-being while exploring new places.


LGBTQI+ Travel E-Learning Resources:

NEW Online Courses and Webinars: - COMING SOON TO OTT 

Online Travel Training (OTT) offers LGBTQ+-focused courses and webinars that cover a range of topics, including LGBTIAQ+ history, culture, and travel advice. These resources enable the travel trade to deepen their understanding of the LGBTIAQ+ community and its significance in different parts of the world.

Virtual Tours and Experiences: 

Virtual travel experiences provide an opportunity to explore LGBTIAQ+ friendly destinations, landmarks, and events from the comfort of home. Through virtual tours, museums, and cultural events, individuals can engage with LGBTIAQ+ history, art, and activism in a meaningful way, regardless of their physical location.

Community Forums and Blogs:

LGBTIAQ+ travel forums and blogs serve as valuable platforms for sharing personal experiences, advice, and recommendations. These spaces foster a sense of community, allowing LGBTIAQ+ travellers to connect, support each other, and exchange valuable insights to ensure safe and enriching travel experiences.



Tips for LGBTIAQ+ Travelers:


Research and Planning: 

Thorough research is crucial when planning LGBTIAQ+ inclusive trips. Look for resources and websites that provide information on LGBTIAQ+ rights, legal protections, and cultural nuances in your chosen destination. Consider seeking recommendations from fellow LGBTIAQ+ travellers to ensure an authentic and safe experience and use a travel agent.

LGBTIAQ+ Friendly Accommodations: 

When choosing accommodations, prioritize LGBTQI+-friendly hotels, guesthouses, or vacation rentals. Look for establishments that explicitly state their commitment to inclusivity and non-discrimination policies. LGBTQI+ travel websites and apps can help identify these options as well as all the amazing courses features on

Cultural Sensitivity:

Be aware of cultural norms and attitudes towards LGBTIAQ+ individuals in your destination. Respect local customs and be mindful of public displays of affection, dress codes, and other social norms. Demonstrating cultural sensitivity helps foster positive interactions and creates opportunities for dialogue and understanding.


Travel e-learning plays a vital role in promoting LGBTIAQ+ inclusivity, education, and empowerment. By providing resources, knowledge, and a sense of community, it enables individuals to explore the world safely, respectfully, and authentically whilst giving travel agents the very best tools to be successful promoting you.


As we celebrate Pride month at Online Travel Training and around the world. If you are a travel business that wants to know more on how you can educate the travel trade, please do contact us. 

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