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22/10/2021 By : Nida Kapadia

Enjoy all the colours of autumn in Tokyo


One of the the most visible reminders of autumn's progress is the gradual change in the colours around us.

Tokyo is treated to an incredible natural show at this time of year as trees right across the city turn every shade of brown, orange, red and yellow.

Just as the slow march of the sakura cherry blossom front across Japan is closely watched and even mentioned on the evening news in spring, so the autumn leaves forecast is a daily conversation topic here as the weather turns cooler.

Tokyo has some truly spectacular autumn sights with parks, gardens, temples and shrines all garlanded in bright autumn colours. Some of the more popular destinations even extend their opening hours and illuminate the trees to give visitors a striking experience of autumn in Tokyo.

For those who make a trip further out of the city, the stunning natural vistas more than make the journey worth it. There are some beautiful lakes, rivers and mountains, just an hour or so from downtown Tokyo where you can really immerse yourself in autumn.

Remember though, while sunny days are common it can be chilly at this time of year so bring scarves and sweaters!

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Autumn Leaves Forecast

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