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01/09/2023 By : Michelle Marais

10 ways you can promote your agent training to the travel trade

Reward: Offering a prize or reward is a great hook for your course promotion and can provide a big incentive for travel agents to complete your course. Remember to include the prize details and a link to the course in all your activities.

Press Release: Create some buzz. Send a press release to existing trade partners with a link to the course and information about your prize or reward is a great way to incentivise agents to complete your training.

Blog: Publish a post about your course on your company blog. Try guest blogging on industry forums and websites - wherever you think your message is relevant. OTT will be happy to facilitate your guest blogging debut on our popular news blog.

Course Link/URL: Always remember to add your unique course URL to any trade marketing material you use – such as digital or offline trade advertisements, email footer, brochures or flyers.

Intranet or your company trade site: Do you have a trade website or intranet? These are important spaces for sharing and learning about the latest product, sales and marketing information - and also the perfect place to shout about your course.

Send an email: Send an email to your existing trade partners telling them your new agent training course is live. You could even allow them exclusive access to your course before it is listed on the OTT site. Or add an incentive exclusively for trusted partners. The email doesn’t have to be fancy - a strong subject line with a short paragraph and link to the course from your Outlook account can work wonders. When you’re ready, your Account Manager will introduce you to OTTOMail, along with your dedicated community of agents who have passed your course or attended your webinar.

Social Media: Promote your course on your company's Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Hablo pages. A countdown to your course launch or the final days of a competition are great stories for your Facebook page. Personalised images for promoting your course launch will be included in a zip file with your course launch pack. Facebook Groups are where Like-minded people gather to learn and share ideas - with groups that are relevant to your audience. Facebook Events are a good way to promote your course as they are created through a specific Facebook page. Create a Facebook event for a course launch, to announce a winner or to produce a webinar.

Social Relevance: Customise the content you share on each platform. Along with this document, you’ll also receive image content to post to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Hablo and more. Each platform behaves differently. For example, on Instagram, keep content short, with interesting captions. LinkedIn however is great for long posts. Profile: Your personal and company profile pages are prime locations for marketing. Add a link to your Instagram page linking to your course. An additional option is to use your Facebook and LinkedIn banners to advertise your course. Influencers: If you have access to trade influencers who are working with your organisation (this could be a blogger, a person with authority in the trade, or a travel expert), connect with them to cover your course.

Webinar: Run a webinar to train your trusted agents who sell you and take them through the course and quiz. This is an easy way to reach and teach remote agents.

Online Travel Talks: Share newsworthy content to the trade in an interview-style recording. Online Travel Talks are talks led by Julia Feuell with the Heads of Tourist Boards/Heads of Travel Companies, who wish to engage the trade with their industry insights. You could explain how your destination is “opening up” for tourism, or innovative solutions it is offering to a particular issue. Contact Julia to book a session

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