OTT's Sustainability Projects

Help us make a big difference in 2023 and beyond...

OTT and our supplier partners are working with B1G1 to help make an impact in the world. B1G1 is an organisation backed by the United Nations to make the world a more sustainable and a better place for everyone. There are 17 impact goals that the UN believes will help improve poverty and climate change over the next 10 years if supported. OTT and our supplier partners are supporting the goals of ‘climate change’, ‘sustainable cities’ and ‘quality education’. How can you help and get involved? You can help OTT and our supplier partners make a difference simply by participating in OTT and completing the courses, which are participating in B1G1 project initiatives. Some airlines may be planting trees one month, a destination may be helping orphaned animals, a hotel may be supporting e.learning in remote schools, an attraction may be helping teach farmers about sustainability. You’ll find all the initiatives in the prizes and incentives section of OTT. Happy Learning! You’re making a difference every day with OTT.

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