Geography in Travel Planning

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Duration: 20 hours

  Geography is central to tourism as travelers take into account the travel time, routing, and local climate when choosing a vacation destination. In order to successfully sell travel products, you need to understand what drives tourist decisions and what geographically sets places apart. Study world geography and time zones to better advise clients on travel destinations and tours, and explore different regional modes of transport to offer customized travel itineraries.  
  What you will learn  
  Upon completing this course you will be able to:  
  - Plan travel itineraries  
  - Read maps using longitude and latitude  
  - Use three-letter city and airport codes  
  - Market and sell different types of geography based travel (physical, cultural and destination)  
  - Understand different modes of transport around the world  
  Course format  
  - This self-study eLearning course requires approximately 20 hours of study, to be completed within 6 months.  
  - Student performance will be based on an examination. Please refer to the Exam Information below for more details.  
  Key Topics   
  - Marketing and selling geography based travel  
  - Understanding and reading maps  
  - Three-letter city codes  
  - Planning travel itineraries  
  - Currencies and currency codes  
  - World time zones  
  - Different modes of transport around the world  
  Who should attend  
  This course is recommended for existing or aspiring:  
  - Travel counselors  
  - Airline sales and service staff members  
  - Tour operators  
  - Travel agents  
  Certificate awarded  
  Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded an e-Certificate available for you to print for your records.  
  Exam information  
  Please read the General Information on Distance Learning Exams, and check the Distance Learning - Course edition list for exams when booking your exam.  
  Exam Delivery Method: Non-supervised online-based exam. Exam can be taken any time at your convenience.  
  Exam Format: Multiple Choice questions  
  Number of questions: 100  
  Time Allowance: 2 hours  
  Passing Grade: 70% correct answers  
  Number of exam attempts: 1  
  Additional Information   
  About IATA eLearning Training  
  This self-study eLearning course delivers comprehensive instruction to busy aviation and travel industry professionals.  
  eLearning is a quick and flexible training method providing learner-friendly materials that allow you to learn using short, interactive modules.  
  Write your exam online at a time that is convenient to you.  
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