Expert Diploma in Governmental and Institutional Travel Sector (Field of Study: Travel Agencies)

Price: £299
Duration: 60-100 hours


Tourism, including everything it encompasses, is one of the most attractive and powerful areas within the service sector. In fact, tourism is responsible for almost 11% of the world’s GDP, with a remarkable upward trend. Within the sector, different sub-sectors or segments coexist depending on the motivation for the trip, the destination, the type of traveler or the services to be contracted. Among them, there is a sector that has been newly identified and defined: the government and institutional travel sector, known as ‘Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism’ (GITT).

The expansion and extension of international relations since the second half of the twentieth century has meant that, for the proper development of these relations, representatives of governments and institutions have had to travel to different geographical points, inside and outside their national territory.

The movement of this type of delegation, with a Head of Mission at its head, involves a series of security and protocol requirements based on the status and rank of the Head of Mission, as well as the institutional role to be played in the trip. These needs are what notably differentiate the GITT sector from others such as the MICE or the VIP, and it is necessary to train the professionals involved in the development of the trip in order to carry it out successfully.

Course format

This expert course is available in e-learning format from the virtual campus of the GITT Institute.

This course requires approximately 60 to 100 hours of study to be completed in 6 months from the purchase date (enrolment validity). After the enrolment validity expires, the users will not have access to the course content and will not be able to take the exam.

Student performance will be based on an examination. Please refer to the Exam Information below for more details.

What you will learn

Through this ‘Expert Diploma in Governmental and Institutional Travel Sector’, specialised in Travel Agencies, the student will learn the skills and operations required to carry out this type of travel, taking into account all the needs related to security, protocol and communication, as well as its application in the different service suppliers involved in the trip.

Take the first step to become an expert in organising governmental and institutional travel, expanding or redirecting your professional career towards an ever-expanding sector.

Key topics

Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism / GITT / Delegation / Travel Agencies / Foreign Affairs / Press / Security / Protocol / Transport.

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for:

  • Students

  • Professionals who want to broaden their knowledge

  • Accommodation Services Suppliers

  • Professionals from Travel Units

  • Travel Agencies

  • Professionals from Chauffeured Services Suppliers

  • Professionals from accommodation services suppliers

  • Professionals from city halls

Certificate awarded

A UNITAR-CIFAL Certificate is awarded to participants successfully passing the final exam.

Exam information

Exam Method: Online exam

Exam Format: Multiple Choice questions, Single choice questions, True/False question

Number of questions: 15

Time Allowance: 45 minutes

Passing Grade: 70% correct answers

Number of exam attempts: 3